Parish News

May 7
Campaign for Conscience Rights Legislation in Ontario

In view of certain amendments to a bill expanding "Euthanasia" to persons with mental challenges, Archbishop Damphousse encourages all the faithful to engage in a new communications campaign launched by the Bishops of Ontario in support of establishing conscience rights legislation for physicians, nurses and other health care workers in Ontario.


Please refer to the Archbishop's message here.  (Scroll down to "2021 Campaign for Freedom of Conscience Rights in Ontario").


To directly access the website for sending automated letters to your local MPPs, please click here.

April 15
Sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion,
and Confirmation

Due to the current Stay-at-Home Order by the Government of Ontario, and because of severe limitations on attendance size during religious services, we have decided to temporarily postpone the Sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation for school-age children until we are permitted to gather once again in the church in larger numbers. So at this time, none of these Sacraments will be offered through the school.

However, if you wish to have your child receive one of these Sacraments on an individual basis just with the immediate family present (we are permitted religious services to a maximum attendance size of 10 including the Priest), please contact the parish office and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

April 3
Fr. Shroff and his Mother's Conversion Stories on Shalom Media
Jubilate Animarum.jpg

On April 3, 2021, Shalom Media aired an interview conducted with Fr. Shroff and his mother Vera (baptismal name: Miriam) on their conversion stories and how they fit together. The 21-minute video is available on YouTube here:

It can also be viewed at the Shalom Media website. To access it there, simply click on the Media Gallery orange button anywhere on our parish website and search for "shroff" (without the quotation marks) by clicking on the magnifying glass.

March 1 2021
Shalom Media
(Catholic Media Network)

A Catholic media network called Shalom Media has allowed us to provide free direct access to their content from our website. Simply click on the floating round orange button called "Media Gallery" on any page on our website and you will be taken directly to Shalom's Catholic media content. Content includes vocation stories, conversion testimonies, Faith formation, Daily Mass and Adoration, and much more. We hope that you will enjoy accessing Shalom's Catholic content right from our website, and that you will find the programming spiritually enriching.

Jan. 25
New Faith Study via Zoom
on the Holy Eucharist
beginning February 4

Beginning February 4, Fr. Shroff will be leading a new faith study on the subject of the Holy Eucharist, following one of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. The study will take place over Zoom, on Thursday evenings at 7 pm. This will not be a liturgical study, but a theological/spiritual one. The goal is to help you to contemplate more deeply the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist. The study will nourish your intellect (mind) and will (heart) in a way in which only St. Thomas Aquinas can do. 

The title of the faith study is:  "Contemplating the Eucharistic Mystery with St. Thomas Aquinas." It will be hosted by the Marian Devotional Movement (MDM) based locally here in Ottawa. The sessions will be live-streamed and also uploaded to the MDM YouTube channel for viewing at any time.

If you are interested in attending, please contact our parish office for more information and for the Zoom or YouTube link.