St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church




St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

"Be who God created you to be,
and you will set the world on fire!"

-St. Catherine of Siena

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Mass Schedule

Online Registration to Attend Mass

Please note that registration is required to attend all our Sunday Masses (9 am, 11 am, 7 pm) due to new COVID regulations, and that we will not be allowed to admit anyone to Mass unless pre-registered.

In order to register, please select the "Register for Mass" menu at the top of this page.

Our Parish Schedule

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


Tues  Wed  Fri  Sat

9 am, 11 am, 7 pm

8 am

Holy Rosary

30 minutes before every Mass

Eucharistic Adoration

Tuesday  9 am - 4 pm

Friday   9 am - 10 am


During the time of COVID restrictions, Confessions are available by appointment. Please contact the parish office and Father will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternately, if Father is available and there is sufficient time before Mass, please feel free to ask him and he would be happy to hear your Confession then -- or after Mass, if you prefer.

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